Refund Policy

We at (“FTO”), to promote transparency, follow “NO QUESTION ASKED REFUND POLICY”  We aim to provide the best in class compliance, financial, legal compliance, and accounting services through the online mode.  However, if any client is dissatisfied with our services, He/she may get in touch with us immediately. We will correct the situation and provide a refund or offer credit adjusted in future FTO orders.

Step 1 : Clients are requested to share their valid concerns by replying to the ORDER ID email, which will stop the services immediately and help us to save the man-hours spent so that the remaining credit could be provided to the client.

Step 2 : Clients are requested to generate refund request ticket from the Support section of the website.

Refund Policy

(i) FTO’s Refund Process will process the refund through the same payment gateway which was used by client to make the booking of services.

Team FTO will process the refund request to the payment gateway within 48 hours from raising a ticket by the client. The payment gateway will actually credit the amount to the client’s bank account within 7 days which may vary and to the sole discretion of Payment gateway’s process. FTO’s responsibility is only limited to generate the refund request to the payment gateway portal. 

(ii) Revision of Service

If any client wants to revise the service which was ordered for a peculiar reason, then in such case, client must request this revision of service within 48 hours of placing the order. The original order price of the service, less the earned/professional fees payable to FTO for availing services(s) plus any payment or money made to the government entities, such as government fees, filing fees or taxes, or to third parties having a role in taking your order further, will be credited to your new/updated service request as has been raised with the FTO provided such other sum was not paid to the third party on behalf of the Client.

(iii) Factors out side our control

We cannot guarantee the results or conclusion of a particular procedure. For example, the government may reject a GST application for legal reasons beyond the scope of FTO’s service. In some cases, government problems or backlogs with the government websites (e.g., State pollution, Income Tax website, FSSAI, MCA website, central pollution website etc.) can lead to long postponement before your procedure is complete. FTO does not guarantee the outcomes of the services yielded by our Executive Officer or for services provided by the Experts, Problems like these are out of our control and are not protected by this guarantee or qualified for a refund. Hence, a delay in processing your file by the Government authorities cannot be a ground for a refund.

(iv) Force Majeure

FTO shall not be liable to the client for any failure in performing the acts beyond its reasonable control, including acts of God, terrorist acts, shortage of supply, or malfunction of computer facilities, breakdowns or malfunctions, governmental actions, or loss of data due to electricity failures or mechanical difficulties with retrieval systems, labour difficulties, war, or civil unrest.

(v) Cancellation Charges

Since we’re incurring costs and committing our time, manpower, technology resources and effort to provide you with a satisfactory service, we consider only those refund requests where the client is dissatisfied with our service and where no work has been initiated by us in delivering the service. We strongly do not consider refund requests where the request has been raised by client due to a change in family situation / financial situation or due to a change in mood. In case you require us to hold the process of a service, we will hold the fees paid by client till client is ready to embark upon the service.

Our team will try their best to complete the service before considering any refund request. However, in case you are unhappy with our service, and there is a valid ground of non-performance of service, a refund will be made after deducting cancellation charges (20% of professional fees payable to us for availing service(s) along with the fees paid to the government)., A cancellation fee will not be levied in case of a change of service(s).

In case if work has begun at any service request and we’ve allocated our resources, time and expert to the particular service request. However if client does not willing to continue due to change in mood or due to non-adherence to law for example disagree to legal tax payable to government and ask for refund or provided data merely for verification and changes mood to not to continue then cancellation charges will be deducted based upon the circumstance(s) and facts of the case. 

No cancellation charges will be levied to such service request where FileTaxOnline is not able assign specific expert to the particular order id or in any manner where FileTaxOnline has not assigned the expert and client brought to notice about the wrongly placed service request.

(vi) Dormant Status Order IDs

We assign specific experts and resources towards each and every ORDER IDs. If do not reveice the documents on time then we take time and make efforts in reminding clients to share the requisite documents. However if client fails to share such documents  or do not reply to our email or any other communication or do not indicate any request to transfer the credit to next ORDER ID then status of such ORDER ID is kept as Dormant and the 50% of the amount would be initiated as a refund and charges for the efforts made would be deducted.

Dormant status is not applicable to such ORDER IDs on which client has requested us to wait for the documents, due to unavailibility of the documents at the time of our reminder or client inform us to transfer the remaining credit in another ORDER ID due to situation beyond his control.

Charges would be only applicable to Dormant status ORDER ID and not on transfer of credits. Instead of keeping moneys of client we proactively identify such ORDER IDs on which client does not respond, which takes efforts from our end as well and we proactively refund the amount without intimatioin of refund received from client.

(vii) Revision of Policy holds the right to revise the refund policy time to time to provide better customer experience and quality services to client.